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Our Forest Coffees are much more than simply Ethiopian shade-grown coffees – they are high-quality, innovative coffees that support local small-scale agriculture and respect primary forests.
Coffees in perfect tune with your artisanal roasting craft.

Ethiopia Forest Coffees

Innovate with rare and unique coffees
sourced from Ethiopia’s high-altitude
primary forests (Jimma, Kaffa, Wallagga&Guji).

Local farming techniques
that respect the natural habitat of the
Arabica plant.

A unique biodiversity,
a true cultural heritage.

achieved over 10 years spent working with local producers.


Belco has been sourcing coffees from local farmers
in western and southwestern Ethiopia for more than 10 years.

Working at their side, we have seen first-hand just how exceptional their arabicas and natural high-altitude primary forest habitat are. We have also understood the essential role of producers and their local ancestral know-how in ensuring this unique environment is respected.

It is important to us that our work serves to protect and promote the coffees and farmerswho live off and alongside these Arabica coffee plants.

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Our Ethiopia agency chooses only producers who work
«in a «wild mountain forest» or
«agroforestry» environment wishing to improve the quality of the coffee they produce.


Our Belco agronomists give these producers advice on how to raise forest coffee quality, for example by building African beds, improving processes and distributing red-cherry harvest premiums.


We spend over half of the year working with farmers, forging quality relationships built on trust. We collect technical data on the terroir’s trees, soils, coffee trees and history to provide you with as much information about these coffees as possible.

Long term

Belco pays prices based on quality and ensures sustainable outlets for coffees, so that producers are encouraged to pursue this approach and to diversify their income.

«Our ultimate goal is to provide you with quality coffees ,
that faithfully represent and express these magnificent terroirs.»


high level coffee
Belco, forest coffee

A high level of biodiversity

  • A minimum of 40–50% shade on plots
  • At least 10 different local tree species
  • A «wild mountain forest» or «agroforestry» origin

Full and detailed traceability

  • GPS plot positioning and mapping
  • Name of the producer(s)
  • Full description of the farming methods

Superior cup quality

  • A score higher than 80/100 (Q Cupping standards),
    and a sensory profile established by a Q Grader
  • Grown at an altitude of between 1,400 and 2,400 metres


A communication kit for you and your customers

Find out more about the project and gain full control of your coffees.

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About 2,000 bags of Forest Coffees are available each year (6 containers).
These limited volumes make them an ideal choice for artisanal roasting.

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