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Belco equipment – there by your side

Over the past eight years, we’ve developed a range of coffee brewing and roasting equipment that has been fully tested, analyzed and approved to complement the coffees that we source directly for you. We create all our collections based on the same core values as our coffee products – traceability, quality, responsible procurement and trust in our suppliers.

Explore our equipment

Roaster Collection

Our range of roasting equipment includes over 250 products from 17 partners.

  • Roasting equipment
  • Analysis tools for green and roasted beans
  • Cupping accessories
  • Shop sachets and equipment
  • Educational tools
Explore our Roaster Collection

Slow Coffee Collection

Our most popular collection for true coffee geeks includes over 900 products from 35 different brands.

  • Kettles
  • Weighing scales
  • Grinders
  • Extraction equipment
  • Pots & jugs
  • Filters
  • Mugs & thermos flasks
  • Storage canisters
  • Tea-making equipment
Explore our Slow Coffee Collection

Over 70 products tested every year

Belco has a long history of promoting top-quality green coffee and building long-standing direct relationships with producers and roasters alike.  Our quality team is committed to supporting our producers and roasters, through research, quality testing and access to the latest green coffee news – but their work doesn’t stop there.​ They’re also actively involved with Belco Equipment, delivering product testing and analysis services to ensure your products are both fit for purpose and a good fit for your business.

Socially responsible to the last drop

CSR charter

All our suppliers must sign up to our CSR charter before their products can be listed in our catalogue.

16 socially responsible brands

Our impressive collection of socially responsible brands includes Hario, Origami, Comandante, MiiR, EBB and more.

Labels to promote informed choices

Our catalogue features handy labels, so you can easily identify products that are Made in France, Made in Europe or Zero Plastic.

CSR booklet

We’ve scrutinized all our suppliers’ commitments, certifications and CSR practices and compiled our findings in an informative booklet ready for you to share with your customers.

Exceptional support guaranteed

Our Belco team is on hand whenever you need us. Whether you’re just opening your roastery or coffee shop, wanting to fine-tune your product selection, or looking to expand your coffee knowledge and roasting or brewing expertise.

  • Help designing your ranges

    We help you design well balanced product ranges that are the perfect match for your different target markets.

  • Merchandising advice

    We can advise you on the best ways to showcase your products in your shop window or sales space.

  • Start-up support

    We help you select the equipment you need to set up your dream roastery, cupping sessions or shop.

  • Training

    Even once you’re up and running, we can continue to help you expand your coffee brewing and roasting skills.

  • Workshops

    And that’s not all! We also offer workshops to help you organize promotional events in your business or shop.

  • After-sales support

    Our after-sales team are always here to help. Thanks to our two year guarantee, product exchanges, complaints handling system and stocks of spare parts, we’ll have your equipment back up and running in no time.