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72 coffee and cacao enthusiasts based in Ethiopia, El Salvador, Colombia and France

A team of sourcing experts, agronomists, field engineers, buyers, Q Graders, quality controllers and logisticians united around a common goal.

Our mission? To bring you the very best products that we believe outshine the competition in every possible way.

“In 2014, seven years after Belco was first founded, we embarked on a new chapter in our story. We said goodbye to our traditional business approach and ushered in a new model centred around three core values. At the time, artisan roasters were in decline and we wanted to breathe new life into the industry by promoting quality, traceability and transparency. 

We set up our first branch in Ethiopia, the birthplace of the coffee plant. Here we could discover the real stories behind our coffees and pass these on to our roasters and they, in turn, to their customers. This change in direction was not without its challenges, but it also brought with it new hopes, new connections and ultimately success. Most importantly, it inspired us to go further. 

In 2018, having visited farms and cooperatives across the world, we realized that producers too were facing many difficulties.  We therefore expanded our original values to include sustainability and a commitment to work together with producers and roasters to address the environmental, social and economic challenges facing our industry.

Two new branches in El Salvador and Columbia followed and we also embarked on our mission to cut our carbon emissions by transporting our products by sailboat.”Alexandre Bellangé

Our five core values

To instil a passion for quality products

To empower people within our industry

To increase environmental and social awareness

To promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship without judgement

To cultivate a fair approach to prices and profits

We’re with you every step of the way

We work together with farmers, roasters and chocolatiers, so that we can preserve together our industry’s heritage and continue to supply the very best coffee and cacao, while also taking action to overcome the environmental and social challenges we face.

3 sectors1 vision

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Belco Coffee

As experts in sourcing and importing speciality coffee, we look to support the industry in its entirety, from our producers, to our transport operators, to our roasters and ultimately our consumers.

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Belco Cacao

We also employ the same model when sourcing and importing our speciality cacao.

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Belco Equipment

As slow coffee ambassadors, we supply more than 600 items of coffee roasting and extraction equipment from over 35 brands.

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