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Embrace active and collaborative sourcing.

A simple approach: active and tailored sourcing through our three original agencies, prioritizing on-site engagement and training involving both producers and you, the roasters.

Physical offices at origin!

No commission: everyone who works in our branches is employed by Belco. Find out more

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Our approach to sourcing

01 / 06

Continuous quality improvement

Quality is the most effective tool for improving sustainability and a great way to raise producers’ remuneration. And we improve quality through training. Our quality engineers provide training for producers to develop their expertise in all aspects of post-harvest processes (drying and fermentation techniques, infrastructure improvements).

02 / 06

Detailed traceability

With three at-origin branches to ensure a physical presence in producer countries 365 days a year. Our secret for detailed traceability: long-standing relationships and direct contact. We cherry-pick our partners from the outset, based on work carried out locally at grassroots. We choose all our producers before even choosing our coffees.

03 / 06

Year-round in-field monitoring

With regular follow-up directly at farms, weekly updates with producers and monthly visits, carried out more frequently during harvests. We also help producers and cooperatives with administrative and financial tasks, including pre-financing of harvests.

04 / 06

Transition to more sustainable farming practices

We provide active support for producers through training in the transition to organic farming and agroforestry given by agricultural engineers. To develop farming practices that are more resilient to climate change, less greenhouse gas intensive and have a lesser impact on biodiversity.

Coffee agroforestry
05 / 06

Economic sustainability from the ground up

Who wants to work for less than the cost of production? We buy 93% of our coffees directly from producers. We fix prices locally, together, according to the realities on the ground and production costs.

06 / 06

Concrete projects at origin

Because concrete, local action is always better than a CSR charter. We set up environmental, social and economic projects to improve the sustainability of production and remuneration for producers and develop impact indicators to showcase these projects to your customers.

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We already have...

  • A CSR charter signed by all our suppliers
    A pre-requisite for inclusion in our product range
  • 16 brands with strong CSR commitments
    Hario, Comandante, Origami, MiiR, EBB, Cafec, Circular & Co
  • Labels to help you choose
    Sustainable Product, Zero Plastic, Made in France, Made in Europe
  • A CSR booklet
    Commitments, certifications & CSR practices: we’ve conducted a thorough investigation of our suppliers and compiled their results and best practices for you

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