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Belco El Salvador agency

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Since 2020, our Central America-Mexico-Caribbean branch has carried out a number of concrete actions and numerous projects to improve the traceability of the coffees we source, and to increase visibility of the complex work carried out upstream by our partner producers in a particularly unfavourable context (galloping input inflation, labour shortages caused by increases in migration, climate instability, complex logistics, and so on). 

The many challenges we face are placing enormous strain on our passion for our industry and product. It has become particularly important to promote local terroirs and quality produce. Our Belco San Salvador team in El Salvador was quick to realise this and is now doing its best to unearth the finest lots. The team is also reflecting on ways to use communication tools to foster empathy at both ends of the supply chain, to make it more sustainable and virtuous. 

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“The coffees we source with such care are faithful reflections of our producers’ strong passion for their product and terroir. Our growers are extremely proud of their know-how and ability to translate the unique properties of each origin.”

Markos Fischer

Manager of Belco El Salvador

El Olvido, Belco's 1st experimental farm

We are more than just coffee producers, we are passionate about helping producers with their transition.


In-depth field work

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Enormous diversity

The branch operates in a multi-faceted variety of unique, complex terroirs, with rich landscapes, traditions and know-how. They are so much more than simply an administrative division of nine main origins, offering a tremendous diversity that is reflected in the coffees we choose, with over 125 containers exported each year. We choose our lots carefully from long-standing partners, recognized for their excellence, and also from new and exclusive farms, sought out by our teams and reflecting the region’s full potential.

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Quality, traceability, support and training

Our on-site quality control lab works diligently (over 500 cuppings per campaign) to bring you the best selection. We visit our producers frequently, identifying production constraints and technical support requirements to set up tangible traceability projects:

  • Quality improvement (training, technology transfer, investment support, access to information for innovation, process control, etc.)
  • Environmental-impact reduction (specialized production of natural coffees, expertise in effluent treatment, recovery of by-products, technical support for a transition to regenerative agriculture, etc.)
  • Acknowledgement and promotion of origin (definition and characterization of terroirs and practices, evaluation of traceability tools)
  • R&D (life-cycle analysis, carbon footprint, intelligence technology knowledge (ITK), “Zero Pesticide Residue”, optimization of natural plantation resources, evaluation of cover crops and shade trees, demonstration plots, etc.)
  • Support for producer organizations (better marketing channels, promotion of other products, emancipation, governance and transparency, etc.)
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Concrete data

We also give our roasting partners the information they need to better understand the production challenges and share their passion for coffee with the producers themselves. We regularly invite roasters to attend an interactive and immersive at-origin experience, which is enriching for everyone involved. These visits strengthen the producer-roaster relationship and build networks conducive to greater transparency and long-term mutual trust. With the support of our marketing department, the branch also produces a lot of information and visual aids for use further down the chain.

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Sustainability criteria

Work is underway to develop tools to assess the sustainability of production units, with the aim of rapidly delivering relevant and verifiable information of an increasingly high quality, similar to that used to determine organoleptic potential. Roasters sensitive to issues affecting the future of our planet and society will be able to choose their coffees based on more extensive, virtuous criteria.

Charlotte & Gregat La Lechuza

Our team on the ground


Manager of Belco El Salvador

Quality at every level
  1. Taste potential new coffees and sort them according to their profile and our quality criteria.
  2. Evaluate samples before shipment, to ensure the coffee meets quality requirements and arrives at our Le Havre warehouse in the best possible condition.
  3. Monitor process quality improvements and assess the results of the different techniques used, to help producers choose the best process for their coffees.
  4. Help growers understand their quality, better understand their coffees and identify areas for improvement.
  5. Provide sensory evaluation training for our team at origin, producers and cooperatives.
  6. Calibrate practices in the field with partners.
  7. Provide producers with feedback on the quality of each season and manage technical field visits to evaluate farms and potential partners.

Quality Manager


Agricultural Engineer

Field work
  1. Responsible for coordinating practices with coffee growers, developing and innovating production techniques to make them more environmentally friendly
  2. Works with growers on harvesting and post-harvest techniques
  3. Develops social and environmental projects for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean
  4. Manages the agro-ecological experimentation and demonstration plot at Belco, El Salvador
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Sourcer's word

At our agency in El Salvador, we're more than just coffee enthusiasts scouting for the finest beans. We are dedicated to adding genuine value to the lives of the coffee producers we collaborate with, as well as the roasters who bring our coffee to life. Our approach encompasses a wide range of services, including quality control, agronomic support, and the crucial task of providing insights and guidance into the European coffee market.

From our agency, we proudly source coffee from an array of vibrant regions, each with its unique flavor profile and charm. Our coffee origins span Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Jamaica. It's a diverse and flavorful journey that allows us to bring the essence of these regions to your cup.

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