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The Belco supply chain

Our supply chain extends from our producers, to our warehouses in Le Havre and Mérignac, to our roasters.

We know logistics matter.

At Belco, we understand the importance of effective logistics and have set ourselves three standards that we apply at every stage in our supply chain: traceability, quality and low-carbon transport.

  • Traceability

    Product traceability is central to our business. We provide 100% transparent information about your products at every stage of their journey – from their country of origin, to our warehouses, to your door.

  • Quality

    You deserve the best quality products. That’s why we monitor our products every step of the way – on dispatch from our producers’ warehouse, during transport, on arrival at our storage facilities in Le Havre or Mérignac, and again 4 months later – to guarantee maximum product freshness.

  • Low-carbon transport

    Low-carbon transport solutions are the future. We want to limit the impact of our products on our planet and so have put low-carbon transport at the heart of our vision for a sustainable future supply chain.

Sail-powered transport – the future for sustainable supply chains

It’s vital that we make our transport networks more sustainable. This isn’t a sales argument or communication strategy. For us, it’s an essential part of our commitment to bring you sustainable coffee and cacao from start to finish. By 2030, we plan to transport almost all our coffees to Europe by sailboat!

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Coffee warehouse in Le Havre

This is where we store all the coffees sourced directly by our branches in Ethiopia, Columbia and El Salvador.

  • 6000 m² storage capacity for coffee
  • 60,000 sacks on average
  • 6 months’ stock
  • 25% certified organic coffees
  • Sack picking traceability and management system
  • Dedicated space for creating own blends

Cacao and equipment warehouse in Mérignac

Located on the same site as our French offices, this warehouse is where we store our cacao and every item of equipment you could ever imagine for your shop or roastery.

  • 2,000 m² storage capacity for cacao and equipment
  • All our cacao products
  • 670 types of equipment
  • Over 100,000 units
  • 6 months’ stock
  • Orders picked using forklifts with onboard computers

Location of our warehouses

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Reduce Reuse Repair Recycle

At Belco, we pride ourselves on being a responsible company with a positive impact – and our warehouses are no exception. That’s why we’ve set up five projects, each focused on reducing, reusing, repairing and recycling a particular type of waste.

  • Plastic

    We want to reduce our reliance on single-use plastics by replacing these items with kraft paper equivalents.

  • Cardboard boxes

    We are working to reduce the weight of cardboard boxes we use without compromising the quality of our incoming and outgoing goods.

  • Cushioning

    Cushioning materials account for 15% of our packaging volumes, so it’s vital that we find alternative plastic-free solutions for protecting our deliveries.

  • Sachets

    We need to limit the environmental impact of all our sachets and are currently working on an alternative packaging solution for our coffees.

  • Pallets

    Thanks to our pallet tracking system, we are aiming to achieve a 90% return rate for all pallets dispatched from our warehouses.

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