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Fresh Coffee Clean Ocean
Fresh Coffee Clean Ocean
Fresh Coffee Clean Ocean
Fresh Coffee Clean Ocean
Fresh Coffee Clean Ocean
Fresh Coffee Clean Ocean
Fresh Coffee Clean Ocean
Fresh Coffee Clean Ocean

Fresh coffee Clean ocean

guarantees a low-carbon transport for your coffee

Towards the future of maritime transport

For an eco-friendly transport that commits to:

Reduce noise pollution to protect marine wildlife

Pollution and destruction of marine life, a container ship makes 2X more noise than the authorized limit in a nightclub.

Switch to renewable energy

We are dependent on the price of oil, the freight rate and 5 gigantic shipping companies.

Reduce CO2 production

If maritime transport were a country it would be the 6th largest emitter of CO2 in the world

Our objective


of coffee transported by sail by 2030

Fresh Coffee
Clean Ocean

is :

A direct road

We divide the transit time by 2

Compliance and anticipation of European legislation

Carbon tax on imported goods

Quality preserved

A first class trip for your coffees with ventilated holds and controlled temperature

Transport you can proudly show off

Maritime transport becomes a selling point

Discover our coffees

Get on board now

To bring this brand to life loud and clear, we are launching a massive communication plan with end consumers.

You will benefit from all this media coverage by joining the adventure.

A ready-made brand

By ordering coffees transported by sail, you'll have direct access to the FRESH COFFEE CLEAN OCEAN. It's a ready-made brand, designed for your customers with a powerful graphic identity, a clear message, strong arguments and concrete marketing tools already created!

A tool kit

  • Bag sticker
  • Shop window sticker
  • POS counter
  • Video for automatic distribution
  • Social media animation

A communication plan

We're launching a massive communication plan aimed at the end consumer to ensure you get plenty of media coverage.

A communication plan already on-board

To promote this FCCO loud and clear, we're launching a massive communication plan aimed at end consumers.

PR agency

Sept 2024
A marketing toolkit

Sept 2024
1st Brut video

Dec 2024
2nd Brut video

Oct 2025
The Transat Jacques Vabre race


We have launched a press campaign aimed at the general public in partnership with a PR agency over the next 18 months.

I commit now

Sourcing Belco

FCA purchase price + €1/kg

Delivery in September
No bag minimum

Direct Trade

Tailor-made quotation by our teams

Send us your FOB price and we'll calculate the rest!

Delivery in September
150 bags minimum
1 month of storage included

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"Every action counts! We're committed from the start! Our DNA: local roots, coffee expertise, a strong commitment to environmentally-friendly development and coffees that are accessible to all. Transporting our coffees by sail is just one more action! The next one: the construction of a new low-carbon certified roastery by 2025".

Émilie et Étienne Gavanier
at the head of the roastery Cafés Di-Costanzo in L’Isle-Jourdain, near Toulouse.