Interview with the Bob-o-Link project founders (Brazil)

Interview with our producers

Interview with the Bob-o-Link project founders (Brazil)

| 2019-02-23

A small sip before our trip to Brazil!


You are now certainly getting use to the name “Bob-o-link”, it’s already been 3 years since we have been offering coffee from this project in France. Sylvia & Marcos (founders of the project) produce a Brazilian high altitude coffee, shade grown, handpicked and dried under shade. Yes, Brazilian… not normal, right?  This coffee is extremely qualitative, but it is above all a life project for the Croce family. Marcos & Sylvia decided with some neighbouring producers to join together and start an environmental and social project around their coffee production. They wanted to grow coffee in perfect harmony with their environment and to produce it on a sustainable and socially responsible way. They decided to call their coffee the same as the name of a very typical bird from their place, which flies among their “coffee forest”.

We will be traveling to Brazil next week, but in the meanwhile here is a small interview of Marcos & Sylvia…

Marcos, Sylvia what is your coffee background?

We respectively born in Sao Paulo & Mococa, Brazil, and grew up in the middle of coffee farms. After several years living in the USA, we decided to take over the management of the Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza in 2001. Our idea was to produce specialty coffee that would preserve the environment and enjoy a decent living for all our coffee partners.

What are your passion?

Bee keeping and nature walks.

What would be your favourite coffee?

Mine for sure, but we grant a preference for our varietals Tupi, Obata and Yellow Bourbon. For our daily cup, we prefer a drip/filter coffee.

In a few words, how would you define your terroir?

We have a clay, mineral and red soil.

What advice would you give to a roaster to beautify your coffee?

Start slow with lower temperatures, because it is a more conductive beginning. Please roast light.

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