Let the costumers brew or… make the consumers brew?

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Let the costumers brew or… make the consumers brew?

| 2019-03-26

As you might know we have been pioneers in promoting the third wave of coffee in France. First with the coffees we started importing (Single Estates, mono varietals, different processes, etc) and then, by distributing some coffee makers such as Chemex, Hario & Aeropress for the local market. It has been a year since we’ve started with this new coffee makers, and we have happily seen how roasters have been open to distribute these products on their boutiques, roasteries, coffee shops, websites, etc… and above all, we are very satisfied that France is brewing! However and by making retrospection, sometimes we receive comments from roasters letting us know that some of their customers are happy with the products, but that some others are perhaps still reluctant to change their habits to this whole new brewing technology… Then, we might have a quick tip for these roasters, concerned sometimes by the rotation of the products…  

Come on roaster light my… brew

You know that it would be untrue and that a good percentage of your customers are not used to this coffee makers, they perhaps have never even heard about them. And even if these coffee makers can make great coffees and, in terms of presentation, they are nice looking products (esthetically), these are products that need explanation and hands-on. Otherwise customers would be happy to look at them on your store window, but would be afraid to take them back at home!

Both are beautiful... however, the new brewing technologies need to be explained!! So, what can you do in order to promote them? Here we give you some quick tips ;)

1)    Be certain that this is not a product that would be sold by itself, different to a beautiful dinnerware. If you just put them on a counter, they would nothing be but the decoration of your store!

2)    Introduce them to your clients in two ways:
  • In principle: what are they exactly? How did they come to the market? Newsletter, mailings, explicative leaflets or sheets on your boutique would be a way of presenting them, what do you think? This is up to you and your creativity!
  • In practice: make demonstrations on your store… Prepare cupping sessions (weekly, programmed or by thematic). Try to explain the different coffee makers: what is the organoleptic profile of each? Which coffees are the most suitable for each one? And the most important: how can you use it at home. Show, show and show!
3)     Pack coffee makers + coffee:  as we have advised before, try to work on your offer, on a pack including coffee maker (or even including other products such as hand grinders & kettles) plus coffee. Explain why you choose this coffee. For example,  let them know that if you have chosen to put the coffee from the cooperative “La Cristalina” of Colombia in a pack with a Chemex, it is because this coffee with is roundness and sweetness would be just perfect to be brewed on it !

4)    Work on them with 3 main ideas: the practicality (easy to use, easy to reply), the affordability (these are mainly home products, not only for professionals!) and the extreme quality (your best home solution).

5)    And when it is not for home… how can I approach professionals? Why not offering a complete coffee solution for restaurants? Why not working on a specific coffee menu for them? The quality of the coffee is continuously increasing, plenty of actors in the food sector are noticing it… and playing the game, why not surprising them ;) ! Watch this video of one of the latest Hario Products, “the sommelier”, because coffee is at the same level as wine… let’s make consumer know it!

Let us know your opinion, and your experience with these Coffee makers…
Until the next tip!

The Belco team
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