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Coffee Lab - Discover the Brazilian experience

Gabriela PARFAIT | 2019-03-26

"1 cafezinho por favor!" A black coffee, please! Surely this is one of the most pronounced sentences in Brazil. In the morning, after lunch, during the afternoon and even after diner, Brazilian people drink a lot of coffee ... but not always good coffee. This is a little bit disappointing because Brazil is the world largest coffee producer and they are sure love their product! Not everybody knows it, but the History of Brazil is closely related to coffee. It encouraged the slave trade and propelled the migrant flows from Europe to the New World, helping to create the beautiful ethnic and cultural Melting Pot! But I digress, forgive me...

Coffee and Brazil, Brazil and coffee, this is a beautiful love story! So it was high time that the third wave of coffee hits the Brazilian coast. And it did! CoffeLab, in Sao Paulo, has not missed it and surf successfully.

They serve only Brazilian coffee and ensure full traceability "from the plant to the cup." After waiting a few long minutes (the influx is important), you can choose your coffee in their Menu as well as the method of preparation: espresso or slow coffee, as you prefer! However, what most caught my attention were the "Rituals", a playful and sensory experience that we can share with friends. A Ritual looks like cupping. Two or three cups are prepared underneath our eyes with the particularity of having just one different parameter from one cup to another. For example, you can choose the same coffee made out from different preparation methods, or, conversely, the same method of preparation for different botanical varieties ... The combinations are almost endless! Surprisingly, they also serve 3 microlots coffees in wine glasses (the shape of the glass allows the coffee to ventilate and conserve the aroma).

3 microlots coffees in wine glasse

Although I prefer to drink it in a porcelain cup. The experience was fun!

Coffee ritual @Coffee Lab
Coffee ritual
@Coffee Lab
A clear and efficient description of their coffees
A clear and efficient description of their coffees.

Roasted on site, the light roasts allow us to feel all the aromas of Brazilian coffees, most particularly in Specialty coffees that often surprise us with floral or fruity notes. Slow coffee is highly honored, whether through the rituals or the wide range of coffee machines for sale. Thereby they are also promoting the good features of each terroir.

By the way, Coffee Lab also makes a wonderful promotion of their coffees when they sell coffee makers. They were clever enough to offer a selection of coffee samples of different origin with the coffee maker bought from their clients. That way you can discover and enjoy at home the diversity of Brazilian coffee.

Coffee Lab - Discover the Brazilian experience

On a terrace, under the shade of huge tropical trees, I drank my yellow Catuai. A delightful coffee, for a delightful break in a city that lives on coffee and at 1000per hour. coffee labGabriela, for the Belco team
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