How to take a good care of your bags?

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How to take a good care of your bags?

| 2019-04-09

Have you ever been on the situation of trying desperately to open a coffee bag? Never?

If yes, do you remember the day when you told your colleague “Is it the largest or the smallest thread that I need to cut??” or even “Man, there is no more option: give me the scissors!”

Greg, who is one of the persons in charge of preparing your orders at Belco’s, will show you on this video how to open your coffee bags and the diversity of existent sewing.

Some countries generally use a double seam. It is for example the case in Brazil or Colombia. Most of the time, the opening side is the one with the smallest thread. That means, where the seam was finished. To open these bags, you will need to pull off on two threads: the first one is located on a knot. Cut it off with a cutter knife and find the second thread located on the other side of the bag.

For the single seam, as used in India or Congo, you need to cut the sewing knot with a cutter knife and pull off on the thread located on the other side of the bag. As a final treat: sometimes you will have several sew to remove!

Watch Greg’s video for a better understanding:

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