Brazilian Cupping

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Brazilian Cupping

| 2019-04-02

Choose your Coffee

Choose your coffee. Choose your roast. Choose your profile. Choose a performing grinding, choose silver large spoons, choose good water, and good temperature. Choose fresh crops, sweet beans and nice acidities. Choose good reliable farms. Choose a starter roaster. Choose the friends you are going to work with. Choose a leisure profile and a matching coffee maker for it. Choose a three-process coffee far from industrial farms. Choose your bean and wondering who you are on a Sunday morning when having a sip of it. Choose sitting on that table, watching turning-drums soul-cracking beans, stuffing some sweet-juicy cups in your mouth. Choose letting away bad beans in old bags, forgetting unfortunately their story in a warehouse but not in your drum, nothing more than an embarrassment to the sole, enemies of the spoons claiming to be able to replace & match your beans.

Choose your future. Choose your coffee. How couldn't I do a thing like that? I choose to choose my coffee: I choose it myself. And the reasons? There are no reasons. Who needs reasons when you got passion and pleasure doing it?

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