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The Bob-o-link now flies to Europe!

| 2019-03-29

It seems like Saint-Nicholas has been more than generous with us this year: we have just received some wonderful coffees from Brazil today! Few months ago, we had the pleasure to meet Marcos, Felipe & Daniel Croce from FAF (Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza), and from that moment, we started to build the idea of bringing to Europe their wonderful coffee (or project, as it is much more than just coffee I need to precise). What does FAF do and why are they so different to Brazilian coffees? Before the coffee culture, which is already very particular, being a Brazilian coffee: cultivated under shade, in altitude, handpicked, rise in African beds… they also created an environmental and social project, including their farm and those of their farmer’s neighbors.

Don’t hesitate in contacting us, if you might want to try this great coffee!

Drying over African beds
Drying over African beds
Culture under shade!
Culture under shade!

The Bob-o-Links are migratory birds, which fly every year from the Midwest of North America to the Southeast of South America… and which perhaps would rather stop doing it, due to current vast monoculture productions…

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