When sourcing is about training!

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When sourcing is about training!

Marjorie Canjura | 2021-08-16

Meanwhile in El Salvador...

So excited we just launched our project “Torogoz” in Morazán, a beautiful region in El Salvador where coffee has played an historical role and an important mean for economically moving forward after the civil war that hit the country in the 80's.

This time we have selected a  group of small-scale growers whose coffees have shown a great potential and quality. We are lucky to count on ACOPADEM, a local organization known by its proactivity that is fully supporting us as our partner and that truly believes "small" initiatives lead to the highest impact, just like we do.After some days touring these farms we can predict an early crop 2021/2022, what has made us hurry up with our plans!

So, we kicked off with a first round of our training sessions, speaking about how quality can be upgraded in the harvest and post harvest stages and explaining such farmers what happens to their coffees once they bring them to the milling facilities as most of the time they do not have access to this information.

This experience is being awesome! We can't wait to taste these coffees and have them available, so you can discover this amazing new origin through them.

In the photos, our expert in coffee engineering ⁨Rodrigo Guevara⁩ sharing his valued knowledge to the audience.

P.D. Do you know what a "Torogoz" is?

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