Our cafes have sailed away!

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Our cafes have sailed away!

alexandre bellangé | 2021-12-15

Our coffees have set sail!  

The largest cargo ship in existence, chartered by TOWT, left from Santa Marta, Colombia, with some 22 tons of green coffee sourced from local cooperatives on board. 

It is our Duni, Vallenato and Comuneros coffees. This shipment is the largest batch of coffee loaded in a single port by a sailing vessel in modern history.

Santa Marta, a port located in the North-East of Colombia, will be a strategic port for the future of the Sailboats, as it is particularly close to the coffee plantations of the Sierra Nevada. 

The ship is expected in the port of Bordeaux at the end of January and the unloading will take place in Bassens!

As a reminder: Belco has committed to TOWT transport by sail, to transport a part of its coffees by sailboat from 2022 to reach a minimum of 50% of its total volume in 2025, i.e. 4000 tons.

Ambitions for 2025: at least 50% of the total volume of its coffees transported by sail.

"Making our transport more sustainable is a necessity, not a sales argument or a communication action. You don't always have to calculate everything as an entrepreneur, it's just our responsibility, a business decision that should go without saying, period."

Alexandre Bellangé, CEO of Belco

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