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Our company, founded in 2007 by Nicolas and Alexandre Bellangé, and joined in 2009 by the Burrus family (SALPA Group), specializes in sourcing green coffee and distributing it in Europe.
Evolving from broker to trader and then green coffee sourcer and importer, we have always had a unique approach to our profession and mission, based on improving the quality of the coffees we offer with the aim of creating added value both for our suppliers (producers) and our customers (roasters).

Previously only serving the French market, we ventured out into the European market in 2013. In 2015 we opened an agency in Ethiopia in order to develop innovative projects at this key origin. In 2018 we opened an agency in El Salvador to develop a team of on the ground agronomists.

Today our company employs around 40 people at 4 different sites (Le Havre & Bordeaux - France; Addis Abeba - Ethiopia; San Salvador - El Salvador). Every year we source more than 110,000 bags of green coffee which we distribute to more than 650 independent roasters in around 30 countries in Europe.



Coffee, our way of life

Coffee has today lost its intensity. It is a mass consumption product which has become bland and without conscience. Coffee is now a mass produced marketing product.

At Belco we view things differently. We want to give back to as many people as possible the pleasure of enjoying quality coffee.

We love all the nuances of coffee: each of its notes, the kaleidoscope of its colors, its intensity and depth... We want to share this exceptional richness with the widest possible audience.

Our coffees have a history,
we build their future

For us, it is first and foremost a human adventure. As a trusted partner, we aid producers and roasters in creating coffees with sustainable added value.

We are devotees at the very heart of a passionate aim, to popularize good, true and generous coffees. To do this, are constantly building bridges between producers and roasters.

We are unique importers.

We do more than just import green coffee. As an independent and family business, we spend every day fighting to defend quality coffees made using respectful and sustainable methods.

We are each experts in our area and each day strive to preserve ancestral know-how, to protect terroir diversity and to ensure a sustainable artisanal production chain

All our actions embrace our fierce desire to develop the knowledge and recognition of good, innovative, specialty coffees. Together day after day, we make another coffee possible.


We are continually looking for authentic coffees and honest relationships. Our feel for the land drives us to offer original coffees, which express all the specificity of their origins, before striving to cater to the most people possible.
We are constantly shaking things up and can count on an innovative team. Our desire to change things, our passion and curiosity push us consistently to innovate to create a different future.
We place people at the heart of our approach, by looking for community-based long-term relationships with producers and roasters.
We respect our partners as well as the coffees we import, for honest and virtuous relationships.
We develop and share our know-how upstream and downstream within the sector to create a virtuous network, creating value and development for all.
• A benevolent attitude
• A fierce desire
• An accessible manner
• Committed
• Independent
• Open-minded
• Optimistic
• Sourcing
• Quality
• Support and roasters

Our Facilities


Belco HQ

2500 m² of warehouses, 600m²
offices, main quality control lab
and School of Coffee.


Storage of coffees

Main storage warehouse
for green coffees. Capacity for
50 000 bags. Shipping point for
majority of green coffees


Belco Ethiopia Agency

Created in 2015. Belco office
and dedicated quality control lab.


Belco San Salvador Agency

Created en 2018.Belco office
and dedicated quality control lab.
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