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All the latest news from our coffee-producing countries and on the challenges they face. We share our point of view and our approach to sourcing.
Why do we love Brazil so much with FAF Coffees?
Stéphane Guinet | 2023-09-08

Bob-o-Link, Rancho Dantas or Bobilon: you have noticed that FAF Coffees keep a prominent place in our offer, year after year. Because they're good. And because their vision of a different Brazil continues to inspire us.

Vera Baier is Head of Impact and Communications at FAF Coffees. We took the opportunity of her visit to talk with her.

The market's note - August 25, 2023
Sébastien LAFAYE | 2023-08-25

August is not just synonymous with holidays. It's also the peak of the harvest in Brazil, from where our Purchasing Director Sébastien Lafaye has just returned.

What are the benefits of pollination for coffee production?
Maria-Silvia ROJAS | 2023-08-03

As we wait for the results of the Flower Corridors project, which we carried out in Colombia with Sudus and De'Longhi, I wondered about the impact of pollinators on coffee production, as acknowledged in the scientific literature. If we are convinced of their benefits, how beneficial are pollinators?

What is a coffee nursery? The example of Habtamu Abebe (Ethiopia)
Bethel Dawit | 2023-07-31

Have you ever wondered how a coffee nursery works?  In this article, we’ll explain what is a coffee nursery, and how does it works, step by steps, following the example of Habtamu Abebe and his farm, Matapa Michiti, in Ethiopia.

Last news from the coffee market - July 27th, 2023
Sébastien LAFAYE | 2023-07-27

How is the market faring? The current situation in Brazil gives us some indications for the next two years.

With the evolution of price premiums on the coffee market price, it appears that a fall in prices is taking hold.

Why is coffee available all year round in Colombia?
Maria-Silvia ROJAS | 2023-07-25

Have you ever heard that coffee is available all year round in Colombia? While in the vast majority of coffee-producing countries there is only one harvest per year, the situation in Colombia is special!


In some regions, there are several harvest periods a year. So it's fair to say that coffee in Colombia is available all year round. In varying quantities, but available!

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