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All the latest news from our coffee-producing countries and on the challenges they face. We share our point of view and our approach to sourcing.
Ulaya anapenda kahawa*  (2/3) !
angel barrera | 2015-10-07
After the Rwandan experience, I headed to one of the most exciting & at the time, complicated coffee sectors in the world. The Mecca of acidity...
| 2015-09-09
Last week I had the chance to visit some of our producer/exporter partners in East Africa...
| 2015-05-02
What if "Primeurs" was not just about wine but coffee also ? We decided to try a new experience by planning a tasting session of coffee...
| 2015-02-25

The Western Wällägga is located a few kilometers from South Sudan’s borders. It offers plots of preserved forests, where endemic coffee varieties grow in a breathtaking biodiversity...

| 2015-02-11
"The heart of those coffee forests, where the Ethiopian coffee was born, defines so perfectly well the word "terroir"..."