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All the latest news from our coffee-producing countries and on the challenges they face. We share our point of view and our approach to sourcing.
Covid 19 Report - What is the situation origin by origin?
| 2020-04-10
Here we go with our third report from the sourcing team, since the explosion of COVID-19 in France, for this one we have thought in one very particular, as we want to make a quick update in some countries (as we keep gathering data from our team but also from our partners), but also wanted to present two interviews that we considered would be of an interest for you as a roaster.

The first with Geunha Park, founder of Fritz Coffee Company, a roastery in South Korea made by Angel. A roasting side of the business who lived a couple of months before us in Europe, the explosion of COVID-19.

And the second one with our partners Rodolfo & Betty, from COMSA, in Marcala, Honduras, made by Marjorie. A producing partner, who entered to it, a couple of weeks after.

Two sides and two faces of the business, who we thank for their time.

And a last part with our very own view & perspective for the specialty industry after the pandemic. Hope you enjoy reading this report, find it useful, and above all don’t hesitate in reaching us with your news, comments & eventual questions. We are here for you 

The Belco sourcing team.
El Cafeólogo - The inescapable face of Mexican coffees
| 2019-10-07
El Cafeólogo is one of those partners who have marked my life as a green coffee sourcer. Originally philosopher and doctor, Jesús Salazar develops coffees of excellence with small coffee farmers belonging to the Maya community from San Cristóbal de las Casas, in Chiapas, Mexico. His coffees arriving very soon at Belco, I invite you to follow the human adventure that allows us to offer these incredible coffees.
Echo of the Amazon on our coffees
| 2019-08-30

No one can ignore the images of the Amazon rainforest, which has been suffering from devastating fires for several days. While fires are a natural phenomenon at the end of the rainy season, this year they have become so widespread that on August 19, the smoke cloud due to the burning of the forest darkened to the sky of Sao Paulo.

Travel diary with Klasik Beans - Java Island. 1/2
| 2019-08-22

Marjorie went to Klasik Beans last July. The aim was to go deep inside the production and processing operations to later make a full evaluation and training in line with our Active Sourcing Program. This journey is presented in 2 episodes and starts here in West Java.

Premier séminaire producteurs à l’agence Belco Ethiopie EN
| 2019-07-01

Pour la première année depuis la création de l’agence, l'équipe Belco Ethiopie a réuni une trentaine de producteurs et des exportateurs pour une journée de rencontre et d'échange autour de la filière ethiopienne. EN

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