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All the latest news from our coffee-producing countries and on the challenges they face. We share our point of view and our approach to sourcing.
Why is coffee available all year round in Colombia?
Maria-Silvia ROJAS | 2023-07-25

Have you ever heard that coffee is available all year round in Colombia? While in the vast majority of coffee-producing countries there is only one harvest per year, the situation in Colombia is special!


In some regions, there are several harvest periods a year. So it's fair to say that coffee in Colombia is available all year round. In varying quantities, but available!

Last news from the coffee market - July 2023
Sébastien Lafaye | 2023-06-30

How is the coffee market going, and what forecasts can we make? That's the subject of this note for July 2023.

Inflation, price trends for Arabica and Robusta, here are the major market trends.

An unknown species: Coffea Canephora
Jean Etchats | 2022-12-02

Don’t worry, you’ll find nothing frightening in this article, and nothing bad will happen when you read it! You may even find it interesting...

October 28, 2022: Harvest begins in Ethiopia
jacques chambrillon | 2022-12-01

Update on the beginning of the 2022 crop live from the field by Jacques, Belco East Africa Manager

What should be the future of specialty coffee?
| 2022-10-04

Fermentation, varietals capable of giving the most exquisite cups,88,89,90+. Tasters with their spoons like Jedis with their lightsabers. Specialty coffee may well be facing its first crisis: stagnation.

Where does Wush wush come from?
Belco Team | 2022-09-06

The origins of the wush wush variety

Many varieties are named after the place where they were discovered. Wush Wush is no exception.
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