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Coffee growing & Sourcing

All the latest news from our coffee-producing countries and on the challenges they face. We share our point of view and our approach to sourcing.
Water, an indispensable and scarce resource to produce coffee
Marjorie Canjura | 2018-01-17
Marjorie, our coffee agronomist, is in charge at Belco of the quality improvement at the Origin. She wrote a series of articles around the following thematic:  "producing responsibly".
A new lease of life for the Cup of Excellence in Brazil
| 2017-11-29
Every year competitions occur around the world, for baristas, roasters and also producers. This year, it took place in Brazil. And guess what? The producer with whom Belco is a partner has won the competition on natural coffees!
Belco Sourcing 2017 - Work closely with coffee producers
Marjorie Canjura | 2017-11-16
Marjorie Canjura, our specialist in coffee production & processes, provides support to producers. From Central America to Ethiopia, Marjorie works to improve the quality of our coffees, while preserving the environment for a sustainable agriculture. She shares in this article her rich experience on the field.
Belco is launching a new brand - Forest Coffees!
Marjorie Canjura | 2017-05-24
Our first "Forest Coffees"  will arrive in few weeks now in Europe ! Jacques introduces this singular approach to you and exposes what those coffees certified to the consumers.