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87% of the coffees we represent are purchased directly by our teams in the field. We choose people over coffee since in our eyes quality only makes sense if it is linked to a history, and the values and practices that we share. Our craft is not marketing, it is sourcing... which is why our coffees all have a history which we defend every day!







To commit to the entirety of a producer's superior quality coffees to meet the real needs of the sector.

«There are those that hunt. We build.»

At Belco, we consider that our way of sourcing green coffee must make real sense to have a positive impact on the sector. This is why we opted for a well thought-out and well-structured sourcing, focusing on the real needs of the producers and roasters involved in our ecosystem, whilst concentrating exclusively on coffees of a higher quality than standard ones

This pragmatic approach has allowed us to build long-standing preferential relationships with quality-minded producers who appreciate our commitment to the entirety of their production of superior quality coffees, and not just a few microlots which would not enable their activity to be profitable.

This philosophy also allows us to meet the changing needs which we are faced with in a high-growth market without ever making concessions on traceability and the quality of coffees we represent.


«Preferential sourcing which stresses
the importance of durability»

First of all comes the durability of relationships, since we like to place people at the very heart of our approach and we feel that the only way to create durable value is to build over the long term. This allows us to invest in a sustainable and profitable farming model as well as to innovate.

Our sourcing is also highly focused on finding the right blend of environmental and economic durability on the farms.

We believe that you shouldn't only look to promote quality in the cup or the history of a coffee, but also the choices of a producer in terms of farming practices. We care about representing environmentally friendly processes, which are both concerned with consumer health and are profitable in the long term.

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We also decided on a sourcing policy highly engaged with our partners for ongoing improvement and innovation through the action of our agronomists in the field;.

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We practice a two-tiered sourcing system with on one side our buyers and on the other side our agronomists.
BUYER Ongoing relationship FIELD ENGINEER Monitoring and continuous improvement LONG-TERM SOURCING
The role of our buyers is to discover high-potential terroirs and producers, to build and maintain relationships, to feed back information on target markets, to select coffees and negotiate contractual conditions.

The role of our agronomists is to check that a producer is able to meet the demands of a set of technical specs, particularly in terms of infrastructure and team skills. They are then responsible for verifying that the commitments made are upheld. They are the preferential point of contact for producers regarding the sharing of information on ongoing improvement and innovation.

This dual organisation of complementary skills guarantees the quality and consistency of our coffees and means our sourcing is in keeping with a long-lasting durable action.

Our agencies at origin

Belco's Ethiopia agency

Belco Ethiopia

Belco's Ethiopia agency is located in Addis Abeba. It is headed up by Jacques, an expert geographer of the country, highly passionate about preserving terroirs and farming know-how. Our team works on bespoke sourcing in the field, as well as quality and logistics monitoring and follow up.
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Belco's El Salvador agency

Belco El Salvador

Belco's El Salvador agency is headed up by Marjorie. Its goal is to create a team of specialist engineers for the quality of coffee production. This team accompanies our buyers' work in the field in order to guarantee the long term quality of our provisions.
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