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Premier séminaire producteurs à l’agence Belco Ethiopie EN
Delphine AYERBE | 2019-07-01

Pour la première année depuis la création de l’agence, l'équipe Belco Ethiopie a réuni une trentaine de producteurs et des exportateurs pour une journée de rencontre et d'échange autour de la filière ethiopienne. EN

Catalina Vasquez – a sparkling producer!
angel barrera | 2019-03-12
Catalina Vasquez is part of this young generation of producers who brings a breath of fresh air and dynamism to an aging Colombian industry...
A trip to COMSA, where coffee drives development
Emmanuelle Barrera | 2019-03-06
Marcala, Department of La Paz, Honduras. It is here, near the border with El Salvador, that an ever-growing group of producers have made it their mission to change the lives of their community by making the most of their coffee production.
6 reasons why traceability is securing a future for artisan roasters.
jacques chambrillon | 2019-01-28
Jacques, based at our Belco Ethiopia office, explains why he believes coffee traceability is important for a quality coffee positioning.
Ethiopia: 2018/2019 Harvest
jacques chambrillon | 2019-01-28
The 2018/2019 harvest is coming to an end all over Ethiopia...
Builder of empires
angel barrera | 2018-03-07
Let's meet Arnaud Causse, who talks about his farm which takes place in the middle of the Forest.
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