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Brazil - Espirito Santo - Bobilon -  Expresso Blend 80/20 - PN


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Red catuaiConilonPulped Natural


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About this coffee

Looking for a blend to develop your professional offering? Bobilon is for you! Bobilon is a homogeneous, committed and traceable blend, composed of 80% red Catuai arabica and 20% Conilon robusta.

The red Catuai variety gives the cup great sweetness and lively acidity. The Conilon variety adds body and creaminess. The perfect espresso combo!

The red catuai comes from farms in the Espirito Santo region, where our partner FAF runs the Bob-O-Link project, for total quality, both in the cup and on the farm. Among the actions carried out on the farms: reforestation, mixed farming, team training... A global approach!

Conilon is grown by the Pessin family, a former cattle-breeding family who have now turned to coffee production, and in particular this variety which is well adapted to the local climate.

A little anecdote? Bobilon is the first arabica/robusta blend created by Alexandre Bellangé, founder of Belco!

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  • Origin

  • Region

    Espirito Santo
  • Species

  • Varieties

    Red catuai,


  • Process

    Pulped Natural

  • Drying

    Mecanical dryer

  • Altitude

    900 - 1300
  • Harvest period

    June - September
  • Type of harvest


The region Espirito Santo

Although the state of Espirito Santo is one of the smallest in Brazil, it is known for its mosaic of landscapes, from rugged mountains to Atlantic coastal regions. Known for its historic robusta production, Espirito Santo is a new player in specialty coffee production. The production of Arabica used to have a bad reputation. The high humidity in the air coming from the ocean has been a real challenge to process and dry coffee properly.

A small appellation for Brazil, Espirito Santo is made up of small estates of 5 to 20 hectares located on steep mountains. Very mountainous terroir, the harvests are 100% manual with a high percentage of selective collection. Rich in native forests with a remarkable biodiversity, the region wishes to preserve the quality of its territory and its remarkable landscapes punctuated by the Atlantic coast and steep mountains.

This region has the most cloud cover, moisture and therefore rain out of any other in Brazil because of its close proximity to the coast. Coffees here have a distinctively sharper acidity and clarity to flavor. Think citrus fruit and brown sugar with light florals. This region resembles more like Colombia than the rest of Brasil !

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