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Project Fábrica - Colombia

Improving coffee drying by purchasing mechanical dryers

Valorisation of know-how


Project started in October 2021


Gaitana, Planadas


Members from the ASCISP and ASOCANAFI associations

Presentation of the project

What is the context?

The Gaitana region in Colombia is a veritable "cloud factory", with a relative humidity of almost 95%. It is one of the wettest places in the country.

These conditions mean that coffee producers in the Nasa We'SX community, with whom we have been working for 2 years through the ASOCANAFI & ASCISP associations, have to sell their coffee while it is still wet.

This has an impact on the quality of the coffees produced, and therefore on producers' incomes.

What does the project involve?

The Fabrica project involves supplying 2 mechanical dryers, for drying 4,000 kg of wet parchment (2,000 kg of dry parchment). Each association, Asocanafi and Ascisp, will receive a silo.

As part of the project, we are helping to install the silos and provide training in their proper use.

What are the objectives?

The main aim of the Fabrica project is to improve the quality of the organic coffee produced by members of the ASCISP and ASOCANAFI associations, using a standardized drying process in a mechanical silo.

We want to develop the natural process to reduce water consumption and have a positive impact on the environment.

As a reminder, Belco requires its partners to have a maximum moisture content of 11.5%. The standard is 12.5%. Explaining this to the producers of the ASCISP and ASOCANAFI associations is part of the project.

Complete documentation

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How far has the project got?

October 2021

Drying training

In October 2021, we placed an order for the 2 silos and trained people from the community to dry them.

April 2022

Delivery of silos

The 2 mechanical dryers have been delivered to the ASOCANAFI & ASCISP associations.



The number of mechanical silos installed within the ASOCANAFI & ASCISP associations.


The number of people trained in the importance of drying coffee.


The maximum moisture content of coffees requested by Belco, whereas the standard is 12.5%.

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