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Project Hands On Coffee - Peru

Getting involved in natural coffee production

Water conservation


Project started in July 2022


Amazonas & Piura, Peru


Coffee producers

Presentation of the project

What is the context?

In 2022, Belco began a commercial relationship with Origin Coffee Lab, an exporter located in the city of Jaén, in the department of Cajamarca, Peru. As part of this new business relationship, both parties agreed to develop two containers of natural coffees.

What does the project involve?

The project involves training producers in the natural process. To do this, the Belco Colombia agency went to work alongside the producers. On the agenda: good harvesting practices and drying of natural coffees.

What are the objectives?

The aim of the Hands on Coffee project is simple: to produce 2 containers of natural coffee. One container in the Piura region, and another container by producers in the Amazon region.


The advantage of this project, and especially the training given to producers, is that they can learn the natural process without the risk of contamination or deterioration during the drying phase.

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How far has the project got?

Stage 1: Amazonas

In the Amazonas department, 6 farm visits were carried out. This enabled 25 producers, 4 field technicians and 8 technicians responsible for quality to be trained.

Stage 2: Piura

In the department of Piura, 3 farms were visited. 25 producers and 1 field technician were trained. 25 other producers who are not part of the project have been informed of the work that will be carried out with the rest of the partners so that, little by little, those who show an interest can be linked to this project.



The number of producers trained in the natural process thanks to this project.


The number of containers of natural coffee produced thanks to the project


The percentage of certified organic coffee from this project

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