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Social Networks and Coffee

| 2019-03-26

In an interview to AFP (in 2012), the owner of the New-Yorker coffee shops “Everyman Espresso”, Sam Penix, was questioned about the reasons why specialty coffee was developing so much. He highlighted the social networks for the development of the sector, by saying that “All the community is connected via Twitter”.

The social networks are a reality and, besides, they are increasing day by day: according to a study done in 2011 in France, over 25 million French people use Facebook and one over 4 facebook users has made at least a buy via Facebook! Besides the logical relationship between consumer/roaster, with social networks, the link between roasters can be reinforced, knowing that is actually the best tool for entrepreneurs to contact between them, and to learn the ones from the others. And not only between roasters, remember that there are plenty of producers present in the social networks!

These interactions, in these so changing moments of the coffee sector, can be extremely useful for roasters in their expertise.

Some walls existing before have been erased all over the world thanks to these tools… it seems like we’re watching the world wake up from history, in a blink of an eye ;)    

Find above a small list of some coffee actors active on social media that we could have seen in the past few months while we’ve been surfing a bit by the web… in France, and all over the world ! FACEBOOK
Cafés Coic (France) La Fabrique du Café (France) Cafés Mokxa (France) Coutume Café (France) Cafés el Magnifico (Spain) Jacu Coffee Roastery (Norway) Viva Espresso ! (El Salvador) Cafés Siboney (Spain) Samay Coffee (Slovakia) Ebel Coffee (Czech Republic)

La Fabrique du Café (France) Espressologie (France) Brulerie du Quai (Québec, Canada) Sprudge (USA) I ♥ (Japon/ USA) Coffee Nate (USA) Daily Shot of Coffee (USA) Dear Coffee I Love You (USA) JimSeven (United Kingdom) World Coffee News (Etats-Unis)

 And of course… Belco ! Our French and English Facebook, our blogs in English and French, our Twitter and the ones of some of our team (Angel & Julien) and our Pinterest! We are, of course, quite open to add to this list some other coffee actors you might know in the social network, or that… is actually you! Help us to enlarge this list here by comments or with a small game we’re doing on Facebook:

Play with us on Facebook by a click on this image!

Play with us on Facebook by a click on this image!

Finally, for those who need a small guide for « social network dummies », we have found a quite graphic explanation of each of them… with coffee!

To be continue... with the next post! Belco's Team
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