Paradise lost… coffee regained!

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Paradise lost… coffee regained!

| 2019-03-26

We learn every day, that’s why we always say what we practice: keep your eyes wide open!

And that’s what exactly happened to a member of our team during his summer holidays … Some countries will always be very talented on promoting their products, but there is one that I think will always surprise us on doing it, we talk about our neighbor next door, Italy.

So this is what happened in a wine bar, where we discovered this next quick tip to add into our list, clearly to be applied to coffee.

Have you ever been into a bar, took a very particular glass of wine (or a beer) and, at the end of the evening or some days later, you keep great memories of that glass you had, but you are unable to remember its name !

Well, in this particular bar, which makes the promotion of the Lazio region wines, besides the barman who explains you historically and organoleptic the wine you are tasting… at the end of the evening, when you have already paid and left, if for some reason you forgot the name of the wine you’ve loved… you can find, on your bill, all its specifications!

This is a very clever technic, which might be completely applied into coffee, if you ever have a coffee shop, as well as for any take away (whole grain/grinded/cup) boutique.

Is it clear that the most important is to talk to your clients about your coffees, and talk again, and again, and again… But, at the same time, you shouldn’t forget something: consumers are not professionals of our sector (and, concerning the wine, we also talk about us because, until the moment he saw again this picture, the person from our team had forgot this beautiful bottle of Terre del Vejo), and every tip you may add to make them have in mind your coffees counts.

What do you think about it?

Until the next quick tip,

The Belco Team

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