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Jérémie Vergne | 2019-03-26

From time to time we are asked by roasters concerning the labeling and packaging of their coffees… and well, for being honest, perhaps we do some benchmarking by pure curiosity! So what do we think? What advice can we give you?
  • First of all: concerning the shape
Be simple. But be concise, be precise. Do not overload the small place you have on your small bag. Try to take advantage of each millimeter, but aesthetically . No need to be cheap, you’re an artisan, remember. You are dealing with a qualitative product.
  • The most important: concerning the content
What should I mark? This is certainly the most difficult for a roaster: to decide what to put on a label, because we’re sure that he wants to let know as much as possibly from his coffee! But, again, coming back to the shape, try not to overcharge your packaging. Aesthetically, that is not very pretty.  Besides, being precise and concise shows that you are an analytical and thoughtful roaster. Denomination Origin: a must. But try to go further, if you know the region of production, note it! It is much more valuing to say Antigua Guatemala, rather than just Guatemala. If you know the name of the farm, you should certainly also mark it. The most precise you are, the most your customer would be willing to know. Next time he goes to the supermarket, he will surely not be pleased with his “Salvadorian coffee”, after you gave him a coffee from the farm El Manzano in Santa Ana, El Salvador. The coffee species: should I mark it? Saying that your coffee is a 100% Arabica, sure why not… I mean, the production of Arabica in the world is so small that it barely reaches the 70% of THE WORLD’S PRODUCTION! It is completely different to mark a VARIETY. You would not have a problem in valorizing bourbon or a… geisha. If your coffee is a blend, try to valorize it… but why? What can I briefly say about my customized espresso blend? How have I done it or… what I’m a aiming to do in organoleptic terms? Its sensory profile: try to be precise and, above all, clear. But, at the same time, you have to make your customer wanting to discover what is inside the small pack! One last point, which is imperative… mark when your coffee was roasted! An artisan roaster brings us freshness rather than expiration dates! This is the main argument and fundamental principle of the qualitative coffee guerrilla! Other suggestions? Share them with us by commenting this post! Until the next Belco tip, The Belco team

Hands on Coffee packaging - Taken from the blog of Andrew Keir
Hands on Coffee packaging - Taken from the blog of Andrew Keir ([/caption]
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