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School’s out for… ever

| 2019-03-26

We couldn’t start the year in a better way that we did: awakening some curiosity! It’s been over a year since we started putting together the idea we had of having a complete training center in coffee for roasters & coffee professionals, and people thinking on joining the beautiful world of coffee. Creating supports, taking ourselves different courses on some fields we didn’t master, choosing the right equipments… all of this, was culminated last week, with our first group of students coming to Bordeaux to do our one week (and most complete) module !

From coffee culture, passing by the roasting of coffee until its brewing, we spent a great week with these very motivated people: some were looking to join our world, while others wanted to improve their current skills on their job! Since we started the idea of doing this coffee school, we had two clear ideas:
  • First, we had to be prepared in all aspects. From our knowledge which we tried to improve since then, until each support & equipment we were going to use, which was carefully selected.
  • Second, we didn’t want to fill a bucket, but light a fire, quoting Yeats. This was perhaps our main objective, to form skilled professionals capable of overcoming all the challenges that coffee now faces, technically prepared, but above all, open to that little flame of curiosity which we need on each coffee professional nowadays. Those professionals that can be able to understand that if we take coffee seriously, from seed to cup, their job can be a life project

We would be absolutely delighted to welcome any roaster or any other coffee professional willing to improve some of their current skills, as in the same time, any other individual enthusiastic of joining our universe!  For any further information on our different courses, availabilities & dates please feel free to contact us. All of our modules are available in English, French & Spanish.

Lighting the fire

First roast

Our friend, Genevieve Kappler from NY who spent some days with us… as always, a big pleasure listening her talking about coffee"
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