Alejandro Mendez, The Barista World Cup Champion

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Alejandro Mendez, The Barista World Cup Champion

| 2019-03-26

Alejandro Mendez is a young Salvadorian whose life has changed completely last year when he won the Barista World Cup Championship. Besides being really young, he is the first Barista from a producer country in winning this competition in all its history! During our conversation, he told us that Federico Bolaños (Viva Espresso director, his trainer and above all his friend) decided to create his coffee shop in order to show to Salvadorians the real taste of their coffee!

After winning the competition, he has made a world tour: he has visited 14 countries all over the 5 continents, and the most important for him, he got the opportunity to meet the coffee producers and to visit the farms.

Being in France, he wanted to send a message to all of our dear roaster clients: Watch the video of Alejandro Mendez.
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