Cáscara: who are you ?

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Cáscara: who are you ?

| 2019-04-03


In English, "cáscara" means “husk”. It comes from the Spanish word “cáscara”. It’s an herbal tisane original from the dry cherry skins of coffee. This skin is normally considered as a byproduct of the milling process that turns coffee cherries into green coffee.

When coffees are milled, the cherry is separated from the bean and then sent to the compost pile to be used as a fertilizer.

Originally it was consumed in some producing countries such as Yemen, but since recently cáscara has become a popular beverage in coffee shops, all over the world. After visiting some of our producer partners last February in El Salvador, and tasting it, we decided to test it… and we were not disappointed!!

Coffee Cherry Tea has a nice amber color with incredible sweet notes of hibiscus and honey.

Doris tested on our laboratory different extraction parameters, taking into account the water temperature, the cáscara’s quantity, the time of infusion and the nature of the cáscara (grinded or entire). After some tests, here are the parameters selected :

Cáscara infusion

We found best to brew 3g of cascara (entire) during 5 minutes or more, at 90°c. These criteria need to be adapted to the aromatic intensity that you are looking for and to your preferences.

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