Belco sets sail!

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Belco sets sail!

Valentin Medina | 2021-06-14

We almost forgot to tell you, we are racing yachts now!
We almost forgot to tell you,
We are racing yachts now!

We're not trying to beat any new transit time records, we simply want to prove that clean,  ‘zero emission’ sea freight for speciality coffee is possible. Sailing coffee around the world is carbon neutral but yes, a bit more expensive for Mankind, but far less so for the planet. 

As our long term costumers and loyal partners already know, Belco has committed to transport 50% of our green coffee with the sailing company TOWT, by 2025. “AMAZING” you say, but 2025 is a long way off… so we decided to start acting now because actions definitely speak louder than words.

So without further ado, we have to pleasure to introduce you to the first ship in Belco’s armada. She is not carrying any coffee containers (no need to draw a picture here), but she will chart the way for future generations of sailing freighters.

At the helm, skipper Louis Mayaud represents the Calovent association, acting to raise public awareness about environmental protection specifically through carbon-free transport.

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