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Advice and tips from our team on how to promote artisanal roasting.
Alejandro Mendez, The Barista World Cup Champion
| 2012-05-29
Meet Alejandro Mendez, a young Salvadorian whose life has changed completely last year when he won the Barista World Cup Championship.
Labelize me
Jérémie Vergne | 2013-07-18
From time to time we are asked by roasters concerning the labeling and packaging of their coffees… and well, for being honest, perhaps we do some benchmarking by pure curiosity !
Paradise lost… coffee regained!
| 2013-10-24
We learn every day, that’s why we always say what we practice: keep your eyes wide open!
Let the costumers brew or… make the consumers brew?
| 2013-08-15

As you might know we have been pioneers in promoting the third wave of coffee in France. Then, we might have a quick tip for these roasters, concerned sometimes by the rotation of the products…

From the cup to the… grain, but how?
| 2013-06-20
Some roasters owning a coffee shop often complain about how complex it is to make a bar customer become a grain customer. What does that mean? What are the solutions ?
Coffee is the World!
| 2013-06-06
You may think that it is impossible to drink good coffee in the U.S.A... but you are wrong ! Let's have a look.
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