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Coffee growing & Sourcing

All the latest news from our coffee-producing countries and on the challenges they face. We share our point of view and our approach to sourcing.
| 2013-08-23
This was merely a day of cuppings: 30 coffees out of 60 in 3 sessions of 10 to get to know the coffees going to the final...
| 2012-11-02
This week at Belco, we prepared a cupping, exclusively dedicated to pour over brewing methods (V60, Chemex, etc...) We prepared 4 different coffees... Let's go !
| 2013-09-02

We’re finally back in France, happy of what we saw, what we tasted, the friends we met, and above all, looking forward to become good ambassadors of this wonderful coffee and the great work they do !


| 2013-08-08

We are very happy to announce that a member of our staff, Angel Barrera, will be an international cupper in the 2013 edition of the Cup of Excellence of Burundi to be held in Bujumbura !

| 2012-11-21
It is true that now, people is taking conscious of why qualitative coffee is expensive, and how much work it takes to produce it… but do we, the people working and involved in qualitative coffee, do as much as it is possible for us to make consumers conscious about it?