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All the latest news from our coffee-producing countries and on the challenges they face. We share our point of view and our approach to sourcing.
A new lease of life for the Cup of Excellence in Brazil
| 2017-11-29
Every year competitions occur around the world, for baristas, roasters and also producers. This year, it took place in Brazil. And guess what? The producer with whom Belco is a partner has won the competition on natural coffees!
Belco Sourcing 2017 - Work closely with coffee producers
Marjorie Canjura | 2017-11-16
Marjorie Canjura, our specialist in coffee production & processes, provides support to producers. From Central America to Ethiopia, Marjorie works to improve the quality of our coffees, while preserving the environment for a sustainable agriculture. She shares in this article her rich experience on the field.
Belco is launching a new brand - Forest Coffees!
Marjorie Canjura | 2017-05-24
Our first "Forest Coffees"  will arrive in few weeks now in Europe ! Jacques introduces this singular approach to you and exposes what those coffees certified to the consumers.
Anfilloo Quality Project [Belco Ethiopia Agency]
jacques chambrillon | 2017-03-15
From its very beginning, Belco has worked to improve the quality of its coffees since for us this is the only way to develop the sector and offer in the market coffees in line with the positioning of craft roasters...
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