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Green coffee in all its forms. We test and discuss coffee quality, research, roasting and creation.
What factors affect the quality of coffee during storage?
Jean Etchats | 2022-01-11

Analysis and understanding of coffee spoilage: through this article, discover which factors affect the quality of coffee.

The abaca filters win the first prize of the MADE BY PROJECT
Laure Jubert | 2021-12-21

Join us for a conversation from Standart Magazine n°24, with Laure Jubert, Art of Coffee expert.

The wonderful world of labels...
Jean Etchats | 2021-09-20

What is the control carried out by the certifying bodies? Do the products follow the same standards as the French products? How to ensure that a product is really organic ?

Espresso or Filter - Which hides the most caffeine ?
Jérémie Vergne | 2019-06-26
Belco will be soon publishing a series of articles on decaffeinated coffee, explaining the different green coffee extraction processes. But first of all, Jeremie intented to answer one of the fundamental questions : what is caffeine and above all, what happens to it in the cup during extraction?
Decaffeination with E.A - Sugar Cane - Behind the doors of Descafecol plant
César MAGAÑA | 2019-06-26
Decaffeination plant report (3/4). 
We continue our field visits with Descafecol plant in Colombia. The aim of those visits is to stress the idea on which we base our research: decaffeination processes must be synonymous with good quality coffee. We have decided to arrange this tour of plant visits in the spirit of providing an enriching experience that will allow us to communicate more and better on the coffees with which Belco works as well as about the partners or players together with whom we are responsible of ensuring traceability and quality in the coffee that arrives at the roasters’.
Water decaffeination - Visit of Descamex plant in Mexico
César MAGAÑA | 2019-06-26
Decaffeination plant report (2/4). Descamex is headquartered in Cordoba, Mexico. It operates the only facility in Mexico to decaffeinate coffee using just coffee, water, time and temperature to remove the caffeine from coffee. César visited the plant this summer for an explanation of this decaffeination method. Below, he shares his experience at Descamex with you.
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