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The human side of the cup, Act 1 : Africa
angel barrera | 2020-06-08

As you might know, during the past weeks we held our yearly event called ‘Coffee in Primeurs’. It is a huge cupping session that usually takes place here in our offices. This year, of course, we had to think of a different format. So instead of receiving all our dear shinny happy roasters here in Bordeaux, we has to send samples to their premises. And instead of having our dear happy farmers & exporters among us, we organized ‘Live’ online conferences.

The Lives were a big hit as we had very positive feedbacks. One of the most recurrent ones was that the Lives showed the human aspect of sourcing coffee and the human aspect of our partnerships. In a cupping, a roaster often focus on the beverage: the coffee, its production process and the cup profile... now, they could expend their knowledge beyond the cup. We felt that as something extremely touching and encouraging. We then started our lives by saying to farmers: “roasters have already fallen in love with your coffees, this is a chance for them to fall in love with you.”

This is why, from this point on, we decided to publish more interviews with farmers from all over the world. Farmers who are currently harvesting while their country is still facing the consequences of COVID-19. We have asked practical questions as well as some more specific ones about who they are and what motivates them. We are all happy to take the time to know them a little bit more. To actually see the human side of their cups of coffees.

Angel, for the Belco sourcing team
Meeting with Emilio Lopez from Cuatro M
| 2019-08-07
Last February, we were at Emilio's farm and mill in El Manzano, on the foothills of the Ilamatepec volcano. We took advantage of our visit to ask him some questions about his farm and his relationship with Belco.
Mauricio or the accomplished microbrewer
| 2019-08-07
Maurico, we like to compare him to a particularly precise and fine microbrewer. His coffees, although produced by a man, are for me a symbol of femininity, with an intense fruitiness. Its terroir is incredible but the Mauricio touch is undeniable. During a field visit with Marjorie, an agricultural engineer from Belco, we ask him a few questions about his coffees, his farm and his relationship with Belco.
Catalina Vasquez – a sparkling producer!
angel barrera | 2019-03-12
Catalina Vasquez is part of this young generation of producers who brings a breath of fresh air and dynamism to an aging Colombian industry...
Interview with Marcos Croce - Founder of the Bob o Link project
angel barrera | 2017-02-09
Marcos came to visit Belco a few months ago. Here is the interview we had together when he was here!
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