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Fabrica - à la voile

Colombie - Tolima - Planadas - FABRICA - Nature Anae - By Sail



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About this coffee

Originating in the Planadas and Gaitania terroirs, in the south of the Tolima region, this coffee is grown in a high-altitude area that is often covered by clouds. It is from this particularity that its name derives, since "Fábrica" comes from "Cloud Factory".

The coffee is produced from old varieties such as bourbon, typica, caturra, castillo and colombia, which are very rare today. 

After being picked, sorted by floatation and then by hand, the coffee is fermented (in an anaerobic environment) for 36 hours into cherries. It then dries for 1 to 2 days on raised beds. Finally, it is dried in mechanical dryers for 48 to 72 hours.

This coffee is produced in two cooperatives of indigenous coffee growers by more than 240 families in the community of NASA WE'SX in the Planadas and Gaitania areas. Each family owns around 2 to 4 hectares.

These areas are protected lands for these native peoples, with over 6,000 trees per hectare. Today, they are the guardians of one of Colombia's largest nature reserves.

They have joined forces with a number of coffee producer organisations to promote the cultivation of their coffee, provide income for their families and strengthen their community.

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  • Region

  • Terroir

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  • Drying

    Mecanical dryer

  • Altitude

    1700 - 2000
  • Harvest period

    May - July
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The terroir Planadas

Planadas is a municipality in the south of the department of Tolima. Here, distance counts, as the roads are often in poor condition. The average driving time between Bogotá and Planadas can be up to 8 hours, if the road is not blocked. The isolation of this region is explained by its history. It was here that FARC began its guerrilla war. Later, once peace had been restored, coffee was a vector for renewal in the region.

Planadas coffees have won numerous national competitions. This is partly due to the "small" size of the farms, the dedication of the growers and their families and the traditional skills of the beneficios who process the coffees. The social impact of coffee production is incredible in Planadas.

Project Fábrica - Colombia

Improving coffee drying by purchasing mechanical dryers

The Fabrica project involves supplying 2 mechanical dryers, for drying 4,000 kg of wet parchment (2,000 kg of dry parchment). Each association, Asocanafi and Ascisp, will receive a silo.

As part of the project, we are helping to install the silos and provide training in their proper use. 


The number of mechanical silos installed within the ASOCANAFI & ASCISP associations.


The number of people trained in the importance of drying coffee.


The maximum moisture content of coffees requested by Belco, whereas the standard is 12.5%.

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