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Dambi Uddo Qararo

Ethiopie - Guji - Shakisso - Dambi Uddo Qararo - Q1 - UW - Bio - FC


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Qararo coffee is harvested in the Dambi Uddo forest, in the Guji appellation. It takes its name from an endemic tree, which is becoming increasingly rare. It can reach several dozen metres in height, and its shade allows the coffee cherries to ripen to perfection.

This coffee is organically grown and harvested by hand in a rich forest, which gives it its special character. It is distinguished by its sweet, fruity notes.

The coffee offered here comes from the 20 hectares of the 'Qararo' plot, located at an altitude of around 2120 metres. The qararo is a tree that can grow to over 40 metres in height, providing optimum shade for the coffee trees. Although it can be used locally as timber, its role in the Dambi Uddo coffee forest protects it from massive felling.

By promoting this forest coffee, Belco is keen to preserve the exceptional environment of Dambi Uddo and the farming practices that shape it.

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  • Origin

  • Zone

  • Woreda

    Odo Shakiso
  • Farm

    Dambi Uddo Qararo
  • Exporter

    Guji Highland Coffee Plantation
  • Species

  • Variety


  • Process


  • Drying

    Drying beds

  • Altitude

    2100 - 2130
  • Harvest period

    November - January
  • Type of harvest


The farm Dambi Uddo Qararo

The Dambi Uddo farm is divided into 4 plots. It is managed by Guji Highland Coffee Plantation, which was won over by this environment and began producing coffee here in 2010.  

The Dambi Uddo forest is located a few dozen kilometres from the town of Shakisso, in the Odo Shakisso woreda (district) known for producing coffees with spicy notes. This forest is at the heart of the Guji appellation, but can also be linked to the Sidama appellation. It is characterised by a high level of biodiversity, with around fifteen tree species, some of which are becoming rare in Ethiopia. The vegetation provides a constantly decomposing litter whose organic matter nourishes the soil. The roots of the trees help to contain the effects of erosion and reduce the drying out of the land by retaining water deep down. Finally, these trees help to preserve biodiversity. 

Coffee growing plays a major role in this system and ensures its sustainability. Farmers also benefit economically by diversifying their sources of income. As well as coffee, they can sell honey, ginger or a little firewood from trees that have fallen to the ground.

  • Total number of hectares

  • Altitude

  • Environment

  • Shady

    Forest coffee
  • Agroforestry level

    Forest coffee

Meet Guji Highland Coffee Plantation

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A few words about Guji Highland Coffee Plantation

Guji Highland Coffee Plantation is a family-run business, established in 2012 and managed by Wadessa Yachisa. Originally from Shakisso, he has been involved in coffee production for many years. In 1995, as a young man of 17, Wadessa Yachisa was forced to leave high school to join the army and do his military service. When he returned to his native region at the end of the 1990s, the political situation was unstable and he was unable to resume his studies.

However, he was able to bounce back with great energy and quickly embarked on other projects. He began by working in one of the gold mines in the Guji region. Accumulating some savings, he decided to invest in coffee, which seemed to be a promising sector in this area. In 1999 he set up his first company with some friends, which he ran for several years.

In 2010 he travelled to Dambi Uddo, in the Guji appellation. After meetings and discussions with the farmers, he decided to invest in this beautiful coffee forest. Guji Highland Coffee Plantation PLC was born. They now have 150 hectares of land devoted to coffee production. They also work with farmers, from whom they collect the cherries. They have several drying stations and recently installed a washing station at Dambi Uddo to prepare washed coffee. 

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