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Khalid Shifa


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About this coffee

Khalid is particularly attached to this farm, where he grew up, and which he has been managing for several years with the same dedication as his father and grandfather before him. It is a family business, so he also works with his brother, and both are constantly seeking to improve the quality of their coffee. They are particularly mindful of preserving the natural local environment. Khalid is well aware that this natural heritage is what makes his product quite so unique.

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  • Woreda

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    Khalid Shifa
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    November - January
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The farm Echemo

Khalid inherited this farm from his grandfather. At the time, it was a small coffee plantation created using wild coffee plants sourced from the Choché forest, which according to legend is the birthplace of Ethiopian coffee. A young shepherd named Kaldi (not Khalid!) is said to have discovered the virtues of coffee in this forest. He noticed that his goats had boundless energy after feeding on its coffee bushes and, intrigued by the phenomenon, Kaldi went on to unlock the potential of coffee! Khalid still has varieties sourced from the Choché forest at his farm, which he considers a heritage and takes special care of. His father has also managed these plantations all his life. Today, Khalid and his brother put as much energy into their coffee farm as the previous generations did. The family farm has grown and now extends over 35 hectares in the Jimma appellation at an altitude of 2,100 metres. It is situated in a rich environment with a biodiversity that Khalid and his brother are working to maintain. They have set up a nursery for new coffee plants and have 25 African beds for drying coffee and 6 more reserved exclusively for the honey process. Khalid developed this process following the recommendations of our Belco teams in Ethiopia. For the past 3 years, our collaborative work has allowed him to refine the quality of his coffee to the satisfaction of all.
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    Forest coffee

Meet Khalid Shifa

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A few words about Khalid Shifa

When Khalid tells his story, it's easy to understand his attachment to the farm and the coffee trees that saw him grow up. Khalid is a child of Gera. He inherited his plantations from his father, who inherited them from his father. Coffee here is an heirloom that we take good care of.

His grandfather collected wild coffee plants in the Choché forest, a few kilometres away, to develop his first plantations. Since then, the growing demand for Jimma coffee has helped to consolidate the family plantations, and Khalid is happy to continue these traditions.

Even as a child, he remembers meandering between the coffee trees and following his mother as she collected the cherries. He knows this land down to the smallest detail and, because of this legacy, he says he considers these coffee trees to be his "own children".

Given the attention he pays to his farm and the site's exceptional environment, and the efforts he makes to constantly improve the quality of his produce, it's easy to understand the deep connection he has with this area. He hopes that his 3 children, who currently live and go to school in the nearby town of Agaro, will also be able to enjoy coffee growing in the future.

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