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A brand that guarantees a low-carbon transport for your coffee

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Regenerative Organic Certified was founded by a group including Patagonia to go further than the organic label.

ROC-certified Nicaraguan coffee


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Consistent, committed and traceable, Bobilon is the ideal blend for your office coffees.
80% arabica, red catuai / 20% robusta, conilon

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Together, we can build a more sustainable industry.

Your purchases can have an impact at origin, in the field, on producers, in our supply chain, around you, and on your customers. We can show you how.

  • A team

    71 coffee and cacao enthusiasts based in Ethiopia, El Salvador, Colombia, Guatemala, Germany and France, motivated to get our industries moving.

  • An energy

    High-quality, sustainably-grown products linked to social and environmental projects supporting the industry’s transition.

  • A pact

    Working together, to protect the environment, decarbonize the industry and promote price transparency.

  • Resources

    Count on us: sourcing experts, buyers, agronomists, field engineers, quality controllers, logisticians, Q Graders, etc.

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Great products, no compromise


Quality comes first, as it’s crucial to sustainability


Clear, accessible data, every step of the way


From the price paid to producers to the sustainability of their farming practices and impact

Income at origin

Direct purchase, at a fair price for producers


Commitment to the transition to a more resilient and respectful agriculture

We explain...

How do we do it?

Your purchases come with everyday guarantees.

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Coffees sourced at origin

We have 3 branches at origin for a 365-day-a-year on the ground presence, actively sourcing unique coffees tailored to your needs.

This permanent presence gives us the means to support and monitor our partner farmers, develop projects to help local communities, and understand our impact.

Accurate, encouraging facts and figures, raising the value of your coffees in the eyes of consumers.

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02 / 07

Transition & impact

We have two teams, taking action to protect the environment, decarbonize the industry and ensure price transparency:

  1. Transition Team: 1.      focuses on the origin and producers, supporting and training producers in agricultural practices that are more resilient to climate change, emit fewer greenhouse gases and have a lower impact on biodiversity (transition to organic farming, agroforestry, etc.).
  2. Impact Team: 1.      focuses on the consumer, making origin data available to end customers (price transparency, impact of their consumption, social and environmental projects associated with their coffees, etc.).
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Quality control

Our obsession? Quality.

We have assigned 6 people to this alone: agronomists, Q Graders, roasters and baristas, working in 4 identical laboratories in France, Ethiopia, Colombia and El Salvador. They take coordinated, calibrated action across the entire value chain.

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04 / 07

Low-carbon imports

In 2024, we will begin operating two historic routes from Brazil and Colombia to import our coffee and cacao by sailboat. A third route from Central America is scheduled for 2027.
This means 90% carbon-free transport and a much lower impact on marine biodiversity.
With a contractual commitment to import 40% of our products under sail by 2025 and 70% by 2027.

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05 / 07

Responsible supply

We have a single warehouse in Le Havre for storing coffee and cacao earmarked for European export, to limit the ecological impact of transport and guarantee availability and efficient delivery of your products.
A modern storage facility that keeps your products and our staff safe.

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Europe’s leading training centre, dedicated to raising quality in the industry and supporting roasters for the past 8 years. With business experts on hand to answer your day-to-day questions and an e-learning platform to help you develop your skills.

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Eco-friendly to the last drop

Equipment that meets the same high standards as our agricultural products

A CSR charter signed by all our suppliers.

Mindful sourcing of all our products.

16 brands with strong CSR commitments.

Suppliers under the microscope: commitments, certifications, CSR practices, etc. We are fully transparent.

Regular visits to our partners and their facilities.

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3 branches at origin

Need tailor-made sourcing? Want to get involved in a project in the field? Our teams are waiting for you.

A team,first and foremost