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El Salvador

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Country map with highlighted region
  • Capital city

    San Salvador
  • Coffee area

  • Average farm area

  • Geography

    A land of volcanoes
  • Harvest period

    October - March
  • Number of coffee growers

  • Number of people living from the coffee industry

  • Number of harvests per year

  • Bag production per year

  • Main varieties

    Red bourbon, Cuscatleco, Geisha, Marsellesa, Pacamara, Sarchimor

Coffee production areas

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Harvest periods

Harvest period

Secondary harvest

Alotepec Metapan
Apaneca Ilamatepec
Tecapa Chinameca

The coffee sector from the country

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El Salvador is a land of volcanoes. There are 23 throughout the country, 5 of which are active. The country has a surface
area of 21,041 km², making it the smallest in Central America. It has an essentially mountainous topography, although the Pacific coast that runs down the side of the country is flat. Its highest point is El Pital, which stands at 2,730 metres. In terms of climate, it has a wet season, a dry season, and tropical weather all year round.  

Main actors

The Instituto Salvadoreño del Café (ISC) was set up in September 2023. It incorporates the Salvadoran Coffee Council, formerly responsible for supervising and regulating the country’s coffee sector. The ISC is also a research centre for innovation, in charge of coffee industry training, scientific research and innovation for climate change resilience.  

Export Ports

 Port of Acajutla (Pacific Ocean)  

Belco, El Salvador

L'agence salvadorienne a été créée en 2021. Notre équipe sur place se compose de Markos, Directeur & Sourcing, Rodrigo, Responsable R&D et Gabriela, responsable du contrôle qualité et G-grader. Disposer d'une agence à l'origine est essentiel pour Belco. Cela permet un approvisionnement direct et sur mesure au Mexique, en Amérique centrale et dans les Caraïbes, un développement des producteurs dans l'agroforesterie, la transition biologique, les process, d'améliorer la qualité des cafés et la mise en place de projets environnementaux et sociaux innovants.

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Sourcer's word

At our agency in El Salvador, we're more than just coffee enthusiasts scouting for the finest beans. We are dedicated to adding genuine value to the lives of the coffee producers we collaborate with, as well as the roasters who bring our coffee to life. Our approach encompasses a wide range of services, including quality control, agronomic support, and the crucial task of providing insights and guidance into the European coffee market.

From our agency, we proudly source coffee from an array of vibrant regions, each with its unique flavor profile and charm. Our coffee origins span Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Jamaica. It's a diverse and flavorful journey that allows us to bring the essence of these regions to your cup.

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